Hello, my name is Ben Hopkins. I'm into all aspects of game creation: engineering, design, art, music and sounds. This site is a collection of things that I've made, and game-related articles and musings. Thanks for stopping by.



Action roguelite, procedurally generated.


Atmospheric horror/puzzle, PSX-style.

Mystic Melee

Platformer and fighting game.

Development and Design

Momentum Platforming / Box2D in platformers

Rigidbody physics + platforming in Mystic Melee.

Pixi.js Tilemap

Draggable, selectable tilemap in pixi.js


3D art

misc. 3d stuff.

pixel art

Mostly old pixel dailies and such.

Game Jams

Feral Hog Simulator

Ludum Dare 46

Ultra Skysiege

Gameboy Jam 5